Project Description

Our “Quick Heat” indirect semi instantaneous steam to water hot water generator utilizes steam or hot water from a boiler to generate hot water quickly (up to 460gpm). The unit is built in accordance with Section VIII of the ASME code and “U” stamped for 150 psi. The unit is completely factory packaged. It can produce large volumes of hot water and steam while occupying little floor space. A stainless steel mixing chamber eliminates corrosion and erosion while assuring uniform temperatures at any flow rate. Key features of this indirect “semi-instantaneous” commercial or industrial steam water heater generator includes:

  • Excellent Warranty – one year on the heat exchanger
  • ASME Section VIII and U Stamp certifications
  • Minimum Floor space requirement
  • Compact fully assembled packaged system
  • Vertical or horizontal orientation
  • Up to 460gpm with an 80 degree temperature rise
  • Safety controls: Electric Hi Limit, Safety solenoid system, and Bronze water pressure relief valve
  • Pneumatic or self-operating valve
  • Stainless steel or copper water wetted surfaces
  • Single-wall or optional double-wall heat exchanger
  • 3 – 176 gallons per minute