Sellers rapid response boilers, deaerators, water heaters, and ancillary equipment.

20 Year Pressure Vessel Warranty

Against cracks and leaks in the pressure vessel and parts caused by thermal shock.

Low maintenance costs

Up to 90% less maintenance

Absolutely No Thermal Shock

Provides cold start to full capacity in under 20 minutes, not in many hours as with traditional boilers!

Safety is Priority One

Best in the Industry

Industry's Lowest Life Cycle Cost

Quality components, heavy duty design and construction yield the lowest ownership cost

No Refractories to Replace

A very long life of Sellers boilers and heaters

Single Pass Design

Even heating

No Turnaround chamber

A very long life of Sellers boilers and heaters

Proudly made in the USA. Durable. Reliable. Proven.

View the video on our S-Series Boilers for more information.

Rapid Response Capacity Under 20 Minutes
Higher System Efficiency – up to 40% Smaller Footprint
Reduce Capital Expenditures, 90% Less Maintenance

Sellers is uniquely different

A singly-engineered, manufactured and factory test-fired unit with much lower total cost of ownership.