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We are happy to announce that Sellers long-awaited boiler training academy has been kicked off. Instructing the course is Mr. Jim Burnette who is the most knowledgeable boiler operator/instructor we have met in nearly ninety years in the industry.

Curriculum to include: 

  1. The Laws of Thermodynamics, Types of Energy and their Applications, and The Principles of heat transfer.

  2. Steam Theory and The Properties of Water.

  3. The Types of Boilers and Their Applications.

  4. The Four Independent Systems Required to Maintain the Steam Cycle. A Comprehensive Understanding of the Steam System, Feed Water System, Fuel System, and the Draft System.

  5. The consequences of varying steam pressure. (load swings)

  6. Steam System Fittings, Accessories, and Boiler Trim. Types of valves and their application, Water columns, and auxiliaries.

  7. Feed Water Level Control, Pumps, and Heaters. Types of water level controls, Feed water pumps and cavitation, and economizers.

  8. Operating Controls and Modulation. Applications and set-up of operating controls and Burner turn-down.

  9. Gas Train components, applications, and testing.

  10. Boiler Safeties, testing and correct operation.

  11. Boiler start-up and Standard Operating Procedures.

  12. Different Fuels for Combustion, Auxiliaries, and Heat Content.

  13. Draft Systems and the measurement of draft.

  14. Water Level Safety and the importance of monitoring Stack Temperature.

  15. Boiler Safeties and Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Testing.

  16. Combustion Theory and Flue Gas Analysis.

  17. Water Treatment Program objectives and applications.

  18. Siemens Burner Management Systems (LMV 5 Series)

2020 Dates

Feb 10-14

April 13-17 (Canceled)

June 8-12

Aug 10-14

Oct 12-16

Dec 7-11

Sellers is uniquely different

A singly-engineered, manufactured and factory test-fired unit with much lower total cost of ownership.