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Digital Communications and Connectivity Solutions Made Easy

Communication via your BMS and/or Process Control System

The Sellers® S Series integrated burner/boilers for steam or hot water, along with the P5 Series pressurized and 5 Series atmospheric deaerators, provide facility owners and their supporting contractors with the options of full Building Management System (BMS) and Process Control System connectivity and/or direct equipment communication.

Unlike others, Sellers® non-proprietary system communications insure the facility owner has a low-cost and seamless communication capability with existing common process and BMS protocols. You do not need unique controls at high cost and without flexibility. Sellers makes your digital transition easy.

Available common protocol communication includes:

  • BACnet MS/TP *
  • BACnet/IP *
  • Modbus TCP/IP
  • Modbus RTU
  • Metasys N2
  • LonWorks
  • EtherNet/IP

Direct equipment communication without a BMS or Process Control System

A BMS or process control system is not necessarily required. Sellers offers computer-accessible direct communications and monitoring of the equipment. Sellers also offers a remote longer-term trending service by our staff. We can equip your operation to receive text or email alarm alerts as well for daily operation. * ASHRAE BACnet vendor ID #1011.

Achieving Full Connectivity and Functionality

A 6″ or 10″ diagonal touchscreen is available. It is integrated and tested by Sellers prior to equipment shipment, to achieve full equipment communications functionality. In addition, the touchscreen option allows real-time wireless remote monitoring as if standing in front of the equipment, with an authorized cellphone or tablet device. Consult Sellers for your needs and we will assist you with the best solution.

Always Safely Operate and Maintain Your Equipment

Regardless of how you interface with Sellers equipment, remember that at all times the equipment and facility owner is solely responsible for the proper and safe operation of any and all equipment. Hire a qualified contractor to properly maintain, troubleshoot and prepare for required authority inspections of your equipment, as every installation and application is unique to the site. Sellers authorizes communications connections only to the provided Ethernet or Serial ports. Any alteration or attempts to connect to other connection points voids the equipment warranty. DANGER! Never interfere with any factory wiring or controls, which is in conformance to applicable codes and integral to the safe operation of the equipment.

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