Project Description

  • 4-pass scotch marine steam boiler
  • Combustion: Sealed
  • Heat Exchanger: Steel tubes
  • 4,184 – 14,645 BTU
  • OPTIONAL NOx ratings of 30ppm & 9ppm
  • Certifications: ASME “S” stamp, UL
  • 12 months
  • Fuels: Natural gas, propane, oil

Sellers W-Series 4-pass water backed boilers are designed with five square feet of heating surface per boiler horsepower for excellent steam to fuel efficiencies by providing enough area for the single flame heat source to absorb into the water through multiple passes.

The water-backed design also eliminates poured refractory maintenance and associated downtime, saving your facility thousands of dollars over the boilers useful life.

All Sellers boilers are built to the high standards of the ASME code and 3rd party certified for exceptional quality control.

The W-Series design offers a large furnace volume to fit many of the name brand burners on the market today.

Lastly the generous steam chest provides ample storage of usable steam allowing quick reaction to variable load demands.

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