Project Description

The Thermafeed Series of return systems manufactured by Sellers is an economical prefabricated boiler feed system utilizing the direct injection of live steam into stored water to heat the boiler feed water to 205-208 degrees Fahrenheit. Heating water up to these levels effectively removes up to 90% of excess dissolved oxygen contained in raw water makeup without creating an excessive vent loss. The live steam is admitted to the water through a corrosion resistant perforated diffuser tube. It is controlled by a highly sensitive, pneumatic, combination temperature-pressure regulating valve suitable for use with supply pressures between 6-250 psig.

  • ASME Section VIII and U Stamp certifications
  • Heats feedwater to 205-208 degrees F
  • Supply pressures from 6-250 psig
  • Sizes from 100 – 1,800 BHP
  • Capacity of 3,450 – 62,100 lb/hr
  • Receiver mounted on steel stand
  • Epoxy lined
  • Magnesium anode included

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