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Sellers Manufacturing Company

Home of Quality Rapid-Response Integrated Boiler/Burners, Deaerators and Related Equipment

918 West Walnut Street
Danville, Kentucky 40422   USA

859-236-3181   Hours:  Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm Eastern USA time, except holidays

New Equipment Inquiries – Sellers certainly can discuss your needs and at the same time Sellers has qualified representatives throughout the USA to assist locally.  Call or email us at sales@sellersmfg.com if you would like to discuss your application or visit our Factory Reps page for local expertise.

Parts, Data – Your local representative can assist you. Please have the unit nameplate serial number ready when calling.  Factory inquiries will incur fees for documentation and research as needed, especially in units out of warranty.  Warranty requests require written disposition by Sellers for determination of warranty applicability.  Remember that the equipment manufacturer knows only what was originally supplied with the specific unit at the time of original factory shipment, as requested by the original client.  Any subsequent field modifications by a mechanical contractor, engineering firm or other party, including the owner, are not endorsed by Sellers nor documented with Sellers unless provided in writing by Sellers, and are always the sole responsibility of the equipment owner.

Service and Field Support – Service and Field Support is available from Sellers representatives or Factory-direct with fees by advanced scheduled appointment.  Consult the Owner/Operating Manual that is supplied by the factory within the main control enclosure and your local representative (see Factory Reps page) or qualified mechanical contractor for immediate needs unique to your site. Remember that every installation and application is unique to the site.  The systems engineer(s) and mechanical contractor(s) hired by the equipment owner are most knowledgeable of the site needs, history and conditions imposed by the equipment owner. See Safety First below.

Training – Training is available at two dedicated locations in the USA, with concentration on the Sellers unique and easy-to-operate and maintain integrated boiler/burners.

In the center of the USA, most convenient to the west and southwest, training is offered at the Garden City Ammonia Program’s Boiler Training Center in Garden City, Kansas.  See this link: GCAP Sellers Integrated boiler/burner training

Further east in central Kentucky, training is offered at the Sellers factory, about 30 miles south of Lexington Bluegrass Airport (LEX) and within driving distance of areas of the north and south.

Safety First – Remember that at all times the equipment and facility owner is solely responsible for the proper and safe operation of any and all equipment. Hire only a qualified boiler/combustion contractor to properly maintain, troubleshoot and prepare for required authority inspections of your equipment, as every installation and application is unique to each site.  The equipment owner must maintain proper operational and maintenance logs, while insuring regular full pressure vessel inspections take place as required by the jurisdiction having authority for your area. These can include, but are not limited to, your state Department of Labor, Pressure Vessel Inspection Section, state Fire Marshall, county authority, municipal authority and/or your insurance provider.  If the owner has not had a recent inspection by the appropriate independent authority, it is the owner’s responsibility to stop operation, lockout/tagout the equipment and seek the proper authority for an inspection.